Re: Photos: Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Comp

Tony Thompson

Claus Schlund wrote:

 I notice a worker is about to enter (or perhaps has just emerged from) the interior of the chlorine tank car via the dome (or should I say bonnet?). I wonder what procedure they followed to make sure the interior was fully purged of any residual chlorine. No safety or rescue equipment of any sort in sight! I used to work for an industrial gas company back in the 1980s, this breaks every safety rule we were ever taught!! Now how about someone modeling THIS scene!?!

       Note in that photo (the second one) that there IS no bonnet. It has been removed. An installed bonnet has no manway at all. This car must be being repaired. And I think I see the top of a ladder under the raised arm of the workman in the car, but that might just be one of the bolts that fastens the bonnet.
       Impossible to know how the car had been purged, or how long it sat with the open access, so I don't think we can critique the safety measures in use.

Tony Thompson

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