Re: Utah Coal Route steel gons in log service

Todd Sullivan

The data about the photo that Bob pointed out says 1946 or 1947. 

I wondered about the use of the UCR gon in log service.  It probably came from the Salt Lake City area to the smelter in Tacoma with copper ore or concentrate, and was released empty.  An enterprising yardmaster needed one more gondola for a log loading on a branch his trains serviced, so he grabbed it and sent it there.  It came back with these skinny sticks for this mill.  Notice that the nice brake wheel is slightly dished the wrong way. 

I'm just finishing one of these UCR gondolas from Cory Bonsall, and needed a photo of the B end to see how the cutting levers were positioned.  Voila!  The photo Bob provided is perfect.  I have another much older photo that shows the A end.   Model photos in a few days.

Todd Sullivan 

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