Re: Painting brass

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

    I agree with Pierre except on one thing. WHY PRIME? Primer hides detail. I've been painting brass for 
over fifty years, painted my first piece with fellow STMFC member Andy Miller's air brush at the MIT Model
RR Club shortly before I bought my own Paasche and with Andy looking over my shoulder. I used Floquil
Zinc Chromate Primer and Floquil paint. This was the only two models I have ever painted with primer or
Floquil paint, the first and the last!  I still have that model to remind me of why I never used Floquil again
and cheered when they went out of business. I switched to Scalecoat, now called Scalecoat I to differ it 
from Scalecost II that is meant for plastic, and have never regreted it  It does not need a primer nor is one 
recomended. But like Pierre I grit blast brass, clean it well and if I have a concern will also use white 
vinegar in the preparation process. I have never had  a problem with Scalecoat I not adhering to a model
if this process is followed. Scalecoat also lasts well when sealed well. I have at least 1 bottle of it with the 
original address on the label: 888 Velmont Ave., Birmingham, AL

   For resin or styrene I will occasionally use Scalecoat paint but the usual paint I use there is now Tru-Color
which I know to be manufatured by the same Califoria supplier that supplied Accu-Paint to George Bishop
in five gallon cans. The late Gordon Cannon, founder of Cannon & Company, was also a great supporter
of Accu-Paint.
of u

Cordially, Don Valentine

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