Re: Painting brass

Donald B. Valentine

       I first met George Bishop when we both suffered working in Boston, neither of us being city oriented. That was 50
years ago when George was just starting SMP and working for a Boston firm full time as I was also. He began with a
kit or two, the one I remember being of the CV caol tipple at not too distant from me back in Vermont at St. Albans. It 
was based on an Eric Stevens articlle in MR years ago. From there he sent into decals and eventually paint. If George
were still with us he would confirm what he told me during a visit when he and Ron, whose last name escapes me this
morning, were printing decals for NERS. That is that I was one of the chief causes of his giv9ing up on Floquil and 
changing paint suppliers. Yes, some of the slow selling colors came in one gallon cans, which made them quite a bit
more expensive then the five gallon cans used for more popular colors. Toward the end George may well have chenged
and received all colors in ne gallon cans. I don't know about that as I did not see him that often after he experienced a
house fire some yerar ago.

      I have heard some from the Nashua Valley Club, which he housed in the same building on nis property that his office
was in, members complain vehemently about George and can only saw that in his dealings with me for NERS work were 
ALWAYS honorable and straight forward. I wish he was still with us and that he and Ron were still working together as 
they would still be printing decals for NERS. As late STMFC member Dick Dermody noticed VERY quickly once George 
began having MicroScale print his decals. the quaity rapidly and noticeably declined. This was especially noticeable, 
and is where Dick first observed it, in decals for B&M E-7 passenger diesels where the registration went to hell in a hand
basket and created problems between George and MicroScale. I believe this is what lead MicroScale to seemingly copy
the much of the Accu-cal line. It's a damn good thing it wan't me they were dealing with!

     Rest in peace George. You served us well and brought to us the best paint yet found for painting styrene.

Respectfully, Don Valenttine

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