Re: Utah Coal Route steel gons in log service

Bruce Smith

Dumb question... how does that "unloading crane" get to the closer cars? It would seem highly inefficient for the crane to unload a car, shunt that car somewhere, unload the next, etc... Now, the crane is most likely self propelled so it could do that... but it sure isn't efficient.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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Thanks Claus!  Awesome picture, and with the unloading crane with tongs, too.  I will be modeling log dumps on my layout and this photo will be a great reference on how log loads were secured in gondolas and type of crane used to unload them.

Doug Paasch

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Hi List Members,
A nice view of Utah Coal Route steel gons in log service...
Additional image data can be found at the link below...
Claus Schlund

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