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Bruce Smith

My 2 cents...


As noted by many, remove the clear coat (stripper, sometime grit blaster)

Always etch in some way - I grit blast with baking soda.  A note that baking soda is not nearly as effective as Aluminum oxide, but it is much safer (accidental inhalation) and I can dispose of the used stuff on my lawn to counter my acid soil 😉

Wash thoroughly, rinse very thoroughly, dry and DO NOT TOCUH with bare hands.

If I am using acrylics for the colors, I prime with a Rattle can, Model Master Flat Black Enamel (note. I have avoided doing light colors this way). This paint is amazingly fine, does not obscure details, self levels and sticks to brass, to the point where it is hard to strip it. When I am painting something black, I'm done at this step!

If I am using Scalecoat 1, as others have noted, no primer is needed.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL (headed for the tornado shelter with a kit shortly - good luck and stay safe to all my southern friends today!)

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Clark Propst wrote:

Would like to know what prep work folks do before laying on color?

   Clark, I almost always use a light gray primer, sometimes even from a rattle can, but with good paint, such as Tamiya. And I let it sit for some time to be ENTIRELY dry.

Tony Thompson

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