Re: Question re: upcoming Rapido USRA DS box

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

     I've yet to see eave boards on a "as built", Bill. Can you provide photos of any "as builts" with
them on the car? Can they not be added quite easily with a piece of Evergreen strip? I'm picky ,
too, but when a product is offered the way the original version was built and it is advertized in this 
case as as a USRA Double Sheathed, NOT as a MODIFIED USRA double sheathed, how can I 
complain? I still prefer the Ertl model as they are usually three for the price of one new Rapido
and I still feel that operating doors on injection molded box car models in HO scale ought to br
mandatory but that's my gripe, not everyone elses! Just saw too many empties rolling even into
the 1980's with their doors wide open and still vividly remember passing a northbound freight
paralleling I-5 somewhere north of Fresno in Aug. 1982 with three kids sitting in a boxcar with 
their feet hanging out and a dog sitting there with them. How are you going to model that in any 
time period if the darn door won't open???

Happy Easter, Don Valentine

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