Re: Utah Coal Route steel gons in log service

Tony Thompson

Tim O'Connor wrote:

They look like Lodgepole pine logs. The Lodgepole grows like a weed in the northwestern
states and forms dense stands. It's not a Douglas Fir or one of the mighty Spruce trees
from the Olympic Peninsula (that grew well over 300 feet tall) or even Ponderosa pine,
but not all lumber needs to be high quality. :-)

      Tim has (probably unintentionally) garbled his statement a little. The 300-ft. trees on the Olympic Peninsula are Douglas fir, not spruce (for record spruce trees, visit Vancouver Island). Lodgepoles 100 feet tall would be a VERY tall tree of that species. As I said, this doesn't CONTRADICT what Tim said, hopefully clarifies it.

Tony Thompson

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