SP&S Freight Cars from Salvaged Freight Cars

Richard Wilkens

Here is a list of the foreign road cars that were wrecked on the SP&S and were salvaged and rebuilt for maintenance of way and commercial service. This list does not include the hundreds of freight cars purchased from parent roads GN & NP as well as the hundreds of second hand drop bottom gondolas purchased to be converted to woodchip cars.

Rich Wilkens

B&A 39280 to SP&S X-303 (Box car used as cable car) MOW, AFE 7647, October 1945

C&NW 122524 to SP&S X-285 (Outfit box car) MOW, AFE 7690, October 1945

CB&Q 44351 to SP&S X-144 (Box car water service), MOW, AFE 5951, July 1935

D&H 23754 to SP&S X-14 (Outfit box car) MOW, AFE 7270, December 1943

FGE 31660 to SP&S X-357 (Ice car, end bunkers removed), MOW, AFE 7617, June 1945

GN 65059 to SP&S X-146 (Flat car, GN car wrecked at North Bonneville, WA) MOW, AFE 6457, December 1938

N&W 84300 to SP&S X-356 (Ice car, end bunkers removed), MOW, AFE 7617, June 1945

NP 13815 to SP&S X-12 (Outfit flat car), MOW, AFE 7166, June 1943

NP 39762 to X-300 (Outfit box car), MOW, AFE 7028, December 1941

NP 44264 to X-9 (Idler car for wrecker), MOW, AFE 3920, September 1923

NP 69880 to SP&S X-6 (Flat car), MOW, AFE 4480, February 1926

NYNH&H 79835 to SP&S X-25 (Flat car), MOW, AFE 3131, April 1920

CRI&P 62119 to SP&S X-124 (Cook and dining car, RI car destroyed by fire at Vancouver, WA March 6, 1926), MOW, AFE 4617, June 1926

SDRX 6112 to SP&S X-84 (Water tank car), MOW, AFE 7592, August 1945

SDRX 6151 to SP&S X-85 (Water tank car), MOW, AFE 7592, August 1945

SLSF 147645 to SP&S X-86 (Flat car fitted with old 4,000 gal. tender oil cistern and used to hold water), MOW, AFE 7573, April 1945

SP 24332 (Box) to SP&S X-111 (Outfit flat car, mounting car for crane X-37) MOW, AFE 6893, August 1941

UP 13500 (Box) to SP&S 32003 (Flat car built from salvage of UP 13500 destroyed by fire at Amber, WA on September 1, 1916), Commercial service (later to MOW X-29), AFE 1665, February 1917

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