Re: FSA/OWI photos - Omaha 1938, 1941

William Hirt

If you download the super high resolution version, there is a window in the car end along with the side. This looks to me like a boxcar that has been converted to MOW service.

Sunkist Flour is painted on the building behind the CGW. This would suggest this facility is associated with Maney Milling Company in Omaha as that was their brand name for their flour.

Bill Hirt

On 4/12/2020 12:04 PM, Paul Krueger wrote:
I was looking at photos on the Library of Congress website and found these from Omaha with freight cars. Most were taken November 1938, but I think one is from 1941.

Paul Krueger
Seattle, WA

Grain elevators - CGW boxcars in the midground, SAL box in the background, and what is that on the side of the boxcar behind the RI locomotive in the foreground?

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