Re: FSA/OWI photos - Omaha 1938, 1941


The MP gon is probably on MoW duty on the MoPac line into Omaha.  The embankment appears to be pretty well established, with grass on either side of the work area which has been bladed off.  There is a pole line on this side of the embankment, and what appears to be scrap rail or ties that are just being covered.

This suggests either repairing a washout, or perhaps widening the embankment at this point.  The car was built in 1919, 3000 cars from three builders, and by 1949 some surviving cars were being rebuilt with steel superstructure.  Non-rebuilt ones appear to have been gone by 1952.  The original USRA gons had eight drop doors.  Clones were built later, but with 10 drop doors.

Ron Merrick

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