Re: Question re: upcoming Rapido USRA DS box

Donald B. Valentine

C'mon Dave,

    I don't think that many B&M modelers, especially of your caliber, will have that much difficulty adding the
fascis strip. Others will simply ignore its lack of presence. But let's all ask ourselves an honest question. Is it
really realistic to expent anyone producing models of a prototype originally constructed prior to WW II, in this 
case a full 20 years earlier, and used by a vast number of roads to produce EXACT models for every railroad 
that that still rostered any of them in the post-WW II period up to the 1960 end date of this list???  If so such
a modeler needs a serious dose of reality as its a pretty ridiculous expectation. You are now out in Santa Fe
territory. IIRC correctly by the beginning of WW II almost all Santa Fe USRA double sheathed cars had been
rebuilt wth steel panel sides such as those offered by Youngstown. To carry your complaint to the expreme
if Rapido were to offer the USRA double sheathed with every modification that every road that ever owned 
such cars made they would have to offer Santa Fe models in the rebuilt form. Perhaps down the road they 
might but I believe Atlas has already addressed that modification. Again for the West Coast the Hill roads,
the GN, NP and SP&S, had thousands of these cars with few major modifications other than AB brakes in the
post war years. Thus those modeling those rads shoud be very happy to see these cars in the form in which
they are about to be offered. With the number and quality of new models we have seen in recent years about 
the only gripe I feel any of us should have is their continually increasing cost, which seems to be going up far 
faster than the average working persons wages.

Codially, Don Valentine

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