Re: SP&S Freight Cars from Salvaged Freight Car

David Turner

Thanks for the great listing of cars salvaged by the SP&S.

The records may need to be updated in the case of the source car for the refer X-356 shown below that was salvaged from the derailment in the Canyon in June 1945 along with FGE 31660 that became X-357.

One reference that I've seen says that it was N&W 84300, but N&W was already a member of FGE consortium by that date and the ORER shows that there were no refers in that number series on N&W.

However, another source says that the car salvaged was NWX 84300.  NWX is a refer subsidiary of the Chicago & Northwestern RR.  ORER lists 84300 among its refers at that time. I modeled X-356 based upon a NWX car.

David Turner


SP&S Freight Cars from Salvaged Freight Cars
From: Richard Wilkens<>
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2020 11:19:47 PDT

Here is a list of the foreign road cars that were wrecked on the SP&S and were salvaged and rebuilt for maintenance of way and commercial service. This list does not include the hundreds of freight cars purchased from parent roads GN & NP as well as the hundreds of second hand drop bottom gondolas purchased to be converted to woodchip cars.

Rich Wilkens


FGE 31660 to SP&S X-357 (Ice car, end bunkers removed), MOW, AFE 7617, June 1945


N&W 84300 to SP&S X-356 (Ice car, end bunkers removed), MOW, AFE 7617, June 1945


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