boxcar roof mystery

Craig Wilson

A question from "the bunker" as I dig into the pile of long put-off projects:

I'm starting to work on a model of a specific Ann Arbor RR boxcar.  Fifty cars that were originally built by the Wabash RR circa 1948-1950 were transferred to the AA in 1955 becoming AA 250-299.  Built as WAB 88700-89599 these were 40-foot boxcars with 6-foot doors.  The question of what type of roof to use has arisen.  I have a copy of the page for these cars from the Ann Arbor RR equipment book (a drawing revised Dec. 1964).  It specifies "Std Ry Equipment Co (7R-12712)" for the roof.  Does anybody know if this is a "diagonal panel" or "rectangular panel" roof?

The Morning Sun Wabash, Nickel Plate, DT&I Color Guide has a photo of WAB 88836 that seems to show a rectangular panel roof.  And while I have collected lots of photos of the AA 250-series cars, only one shows an angle where I can make a guess as to the type of roof.  The AA car sure looks like it has a diagonal panel roof.  Since these cars came from the WAB series that shows a rectangular panel roof, shouldn't the AA cars be the same?  That is why I am hoping the Stanray designation from the equipment diagram will provide an answer.

These are cars that definitely fit into the STMFC guidelines and I figure the esteemed members of this list are as good a place as any to start looking for the answer.

I can recall a time when getting this right wasn't as high a priority to me as it is now . . .

Craig Wilson

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