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Bernd Schroeder


several roads replaced the original (e.g. rectangular panel) roofs with diagonal panel roofs on their older boxcars. The NKP is one example. Maybe this is the answer to this mystery, too...

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Am 13.04.20, 06:23 schrieb Craig Wilson <agecompanyphotog@...>:

A question from "the bunker" as I dig into the pile of long put-off projects:

I'm starting to work on a model of a specific Ann Arbor RR boxcar.  Fifty cars that were originally built by the Wabash RR circa 1948-1950 were transferred to the AA in 1955 becoming AA 250-299.  Built as WAB 88700-89599 these were 40-foot boxcars with 6-foot doors.  The question of what type of roof to use has arisen.  I have a copy of the page for these cars from the Ann Arbor RR equipment book (a drawing revised Dec. 1964).  It specifies "Std Ry Equipment Co (7R-12712)" for the roof.  Does anybody know if this is a "diagonal panel" or "rectangular panel" roof?

The Morning Sun Wabash, Nickel Plate, DT&I Color Guide has a photo of WAB 88836 that seems to show a rectangular panel roof.  And while I have collected lots of photos of the AA 250-series cars, only one shows an angle where I can make a guess as to the type of roof.  The AA car sure looks like it has a diagonal panel roof.  Since these cars came from the WAB series that shows a rectangular panel roof, shouldn't the AA cars be the same?  That is why I am hoping the Stanray designation from the equipment diagram will provide an answer.

These are cars that definitely fit into the STMFC guidelines and I figure the esteemed members of this list are as good a place as any to start looking for the answer.

I can recall a time when getting this right wasn't as high a priority to me as it is now . . .

Craig Wilson

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