Re: Utah Coal Route steel gons in log service

Tim O'Connor


Is the odor because of the sulfuric acid used in the production of kraft (brown) paper?
Or from some other chemicals, perhaps?

Tim O'Connor

On 4/12/2020 7:04 PM, espee4441 wrote:
Most likely for paper and pulp as you mention. The "Aroma of Tacoma" mainly is no longer evident due to the major cessation of the mills.

Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula has one too and they're on the last days of doing business if not outright closed. These mills always carry the distinctive smell and PT still has it. The MILW ran into and by this operation on its way to Port Angeles. As for logging the peninsula certain sections like the Duckabush must have been exceedingly challenging. I mtn bike the old roads and hillsides are incredibly steep.

Tony Pawley
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