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Ed Hawkins

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I'm starting to work on a model of a specific Ann Arbor RR boxcar.  Fifty cars that were originally built by the Wabash RR circa 1948-1950 were transferred to the AA in 1955 becoming AA 250-299.  Built as WAB 88700-89599 these were 40-foot boxcars with 6-foot doors.  The question of what type of roof to use has arisen.  I have a copy of the page for these cars from the Ann Arbor RR equipment book (a drawing revised Dec. 1964).  It specifies "Std Ry Equipment Co (7R-12712)" for the roof.  Does anybody know if this is a "diagonal panel" or "rectangular panel" roof?

The 50 cars reassigned AA 250-299 ca. 2-55 were the former WAB 89550-89599, built ca. 1-50 having diagonal panel roofs. These were the last 50 cars of original series WAB 89300-89599, which also came with the 1948-1954 version r+3-4 Improved Dreadnaught ends. 

Not part of your question but related to the original 300 cars WAB 89300-89599 were 17 cars re# in 11/50 as part of new series 9225-9299 & 8 cars re# in 11-12/50 as part of new series 9363-9436 when equipped with DF Loaders.

The other 500 cars WAB 88700-89299 in the series you mentioned were from an earlier order built starting in 3-48 having 4-4 Improved Dreadnaught ends & Murphy rectangular panel roofs. 
Ed Hawkins

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