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My pusher contacted Rapido about the MIA B units. They are coming, just delayed. 

Brian Ehni 
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I have to say that Rapido’s ERIE FA2s are very well detailed (with one minor exception).  That’s at least in part because I saw Bill Schneider at the Springfield (MA) train show while Rapido was still in the project development mode.  He was expecting to see me, and was quick to show me the hand painted ERIE shell he’s just finished the night before – there was still plenty of paint odor present.


I looked it over and said it looked fairly good except for the five errors I could see in about two minutes.  Bill was a bit crestfallen, but I told him I’d assemble a group of friends who could provide him the definitive answers to getting the paint and detailing correct.  I emailed three friends and between us we corrected the yellow paint configuration on the roof, the location of the horns, the proper placement of the firecracker antenna as well as some minor details about the wings either side of the nose.  That all took probably 30 emails and attached photos over the course of a week.  Bill and Rapido were very appreciative of the information and the finished units are excellent . . . inexplicably, there are two antennae on the roof.  An easy fix, simply pull the incorrect one out.


(I have wondered if I looked long enough at enough photos I’ve not encountered thus far, I >might< find another FA2 with an antenna in the other location . . . but I kind of doubt that.)


My point is that if the SP&S FA2s are inaccurate, it is at least in part because those modelers who wanted them did not take the initiative to get in touch with Rapido and help them to get them right.


But no FB2’s in the mail today . . . 




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Rapido does indeed release some road specific details for their locomotives.  Unfortunately, many of the details are incorrect.  The current SP&S FA-2 has at least 9 points of failure on that matter.

Athearn has been pretty good about accurate detailing, lately.  I bought a BNSF diesel that was properly detailed for an era a few years ahead of the one I wanted.  I will now modify it to the era of my choice.  And.  It was remarkably affordable.

These new models, while generic and consequently somewhat overpriced, will still be welcome.  


Edward Sutorik

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