Re: Question re: upcoming Rapido USRA DS box

Tony Thompson

Don Valentine wrote:

The chief use of a Lidgerwood on a railroad was to pull a plow through a series of
open ended gondola type cars with side doors to place ballast or fill outside of the rails. I've never seen one except
in a bunch of photos I have and I've never heard of anyone modeling one. Does anyone have any photos of just
the LIdgerwood itself rather than the whole train with one included?

   Don, two comments. First, after about 1915, very few railroads used Lidgerwoods for plowing out side-door ballast cars. It was TERRIBLY hard on the cars. Second point, lots of railroads did use Lidgerwoods to pull locomotives (with cutters in place of brake shoes) for wheel tire contour truing. There are several pictures of the SP practice in Bob Church's steam books. I can send one if you like.

Tony Thompson

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