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Lloyd Keyser

There is an excellent  full page article on the C&NW Lidgerwood car pulling a ten wheeler backwards at the 40th Street shops in Chicago. The brake shoes are replaced with cutters to reshape the tire back into the proper contour without  having to use a drop pit. The article has two pictures and drawings of the cutters. I cannot scan so it is on page 42 of Volume II C&NW in Color by Lloyd Keyser published by Morning Sun. 

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Don Valentine wrote:

     Jeez Tony, I thought that's what the made wheel lathes for! I'd like to see a photo of that. 

   Of course, but you no doubt realize that pulling the drivers off a steam locomotive to take them to the lathe might be more trouble that the Lidgerwood method, which is carried on without disassembling the running gear. Photo below, taken in 1949 at West Oakland. You can see the cable heading off to the left that pulls the locomotive (Arnold Menke collection). For those interested, the flat car is an old F-50-2. 

Tony Thompson

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