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There were other brands of pressed steel trucks besides Fox. Cloud comes to mind, and I think Pressed Steel Car Co. had a proprietary design (along with pressed steel archbars). IIRC, Fox trucks were actually an English invention (per Richard Hendrickson). Fox trucks with a wheelbase of about 3 1/2 feet were, and I believe still are, used under some Festiniog Railway passenger carriages.

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In the first American Smelting photo, from the group that Paul Krueger so kindly posted (message #171547): 

there is a gon, three cars to the right of the KCS vinegar car.  It has sheet metal trucks.  I would call them Fox, but I see that they have a longish wheelbase.

It seems odd to me that sheet metal trucks would be running at this date.  The car appears to be Union Pacific.  To me.

I wonder at the thoughts in this group on the matter.


Edward Sutorik

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