Striker Castings

Brian Stokes

Getting into the weeds here but should be appreciated by the list I think: 

Were striker castings proprietary to a vendor or the car builder? I have found a couple of styles used on USRA gons, though most of the builder photos look to be a consistent style, and a bit different from the general arrangement drawings. 

If they were proprietary, are there any resources or articles covering different designs? I've been browsing CBCs and hobby press online with no luck. 

I'm working on a USRA 50-ton composite gon in proto:48 and trying to figure out the striker casting. The best photo I could find is attached (a detail of an image of a W&LE car pulled from Ted Culotta's 2018 St. Louis RPM presentation on his build of an L&M gon). I'm modelling an SP version (ex. El Paso & Southwestern). 

If I can find drawings, the plan is to build a master and cast the assemblies I need, then incorporate them into scratch-built draft gear to house the Protocraft scale couplers... Needless to say, the entire project has ground to halt trying to figure this part out!

Brian Stokes

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