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Nelson Moyer

I neglected to mention that I don’t use Dullcote or Model Master rattle cans for clear coats, either gloss or flat. My experience was similar to Eric’s. The nozzle of Model Master Cans is nowhere close putting out a fine spray as Tamiya cans. I always use an airbrush for clear coats (gloss, semi-gloss, or flat), but even then, If I get too close or stay in one place too long, I sometimes get the white powder effect of raised details. Instead of trying to cover every nook and cranny in one coat, it’s best to apply multiple coats as needed with drying in between. My current practice is to lightly spray the whole model with clear flat and let it dry. Then I look for shiny places, and selectively spray a little more clear flat on those spots. There should be no need to respray the whole model if the first application was properly applied.


The ONLY rattle cans I use now are Tamiya and Krylon. Yes, Krylon. I paint simulated stainless steel betterment passenger cars with Krylon Flat Aluminum. Until Tru Color came along, it was the best of the ‘silver/aluminum/steel’ [paints for passenger cars. I made color ships of the Tru Color steel/aluminum colors, and it has very fine pigment, sprays without clogging the airbrush, and levels to a smooth, thin finish. I haven’t painted a car with Tru Color yet, but I think it’s as good or better than Krylon.


Nelson Moyer


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Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] Tamiya Flat Clear TS-80 spray can


I’ve had sputtering rattle cans of Dullcoat ruin freight car finishes. I swore those off many years ago. I had used rattle cans of Model Master Clear Flat with good success before I set up a spray booth.


I now prefer to use the airbrush to spray Model Master Flat Clear Acryl with a few drop of the appropriate freight car color to add a chalky appearance to start the weathering process. The flat + drops of color also cuts the whiteness of decals. You can compare the before and after on a boxcar in this blog post.





Eric Hansmann

Murfreesboro, TN




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Am I all wet or are those of us who have stuck with the tried and true flat and/or gloss finishes by

suppliers such as Scalecoat and Testors really missing something? From all the complaints viewed

herein over the past week I think most of these new flat and clear finishes leave A LOT to be desired.

I'll stick with the older ones. As we say here in New England, "If it ain't broke don't fix it"


Cordially, Don Valentine

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