Re: Unusual trucks on gon in American Smelting photo


I've got Tony's book, and those cars surely look the same as the one in the picture of interest.

I'm pretty confident in my scaling from the photo.  I found the center of the car, and measured to the inside end.  I also measured the spacing of the journal boxes.  Using the known dimension of 20' from the center to the end, I came up with approximately 6 3/4 feet.  Which is interesting, because the photos in Tony's book show trucks that appear to have more typical spacing of probably 5' - 6".  Strange.

UP 25218 has 164 brothers in the series 25000-25296 in the January 1939 ORER.  So, about half were still running.  I wonder how many of those had their original trucks.  For that matter, I wonder how many other sheet-metal trucks were running then.

Thank you, all, for considering my questions, 


Edward Sutorik

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