Re: Striker Castings

George Eichelberger

Southern Card Record (Drawing List) F-67 for “USDDB gond" 198000-199999 (1918) and M&O USDDB gond M&O 11400-11599 (ACF 1925) does not include a striker drawing. The drawing I did find, SF-2217, is labeled “Draft Sill Construction for Westinghouse and Session Gears” includes “End Elevation”, top and side views. There is no striker casting on the draft gear although the Southern appears to have received other draft gears on different groups of cars.

SF-2217 was traced from “US Standard Print No. 1936-D so it is not a Southern design. (I can upload the Specification F-86, Feb. 23, 1918 that appears to include the complete US Standard Spec if anyone is interested.)

The Google Drive link for SF-2217 (another big file!) is:



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