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Mont Switzer

All Monon steel gondolas, built in the late 1940's,  were painted a freight car red color with white lettering EXCEPT a few 40 ft. gondolas which received black paint and yellow lettering about 1958.  Monon also painted a few boxcars and hopper cars this way before going back to freight car red with white lettering.

Outside the bounds of this list, In 1969 one hundred Monon steel gondolas were rebuilt off line in Washington, IN.  They came back painted black with white lettering----and no heralds.  These cars lasted up until about 1980 under L&N ownership.

Mont Switzer 

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To add to elsewhere:  B&O, P&LE and NYC from fifties, Lake Terminal, Union RR (of Pgh), McKeesport Connecting, DRGW, Monongahela Rwy, Montour, C&I, EJ&E


Elden Gatwood


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Trying to not be defensive but IIRC my paint choice was based on AC&F Builder's info.

Black gons in the south: Southern, Virginian, N&W, ACL for sure

Elsewhere: Reading, MEC, Wabash, P&WV, off the top of my head.

Model On!
Bill Welch

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