Re: Speaking of decals

Richard Brennan

At 08:05 AM 4/15/2020, Tim O'Connor wrote:
All decals should be compared to good photos! Even a lazy vendor sometimes gets them right
or perhaps partly right. I once tried to DOCUMENT my older decals including all of the small
bits in each set and I found a few real gems, a lot of not so good, and plenty of "you've got
to be kidding me!" I gave up after a while because it was so time consuming.
Tim has captured the issue:
- You can make a decal set that is exactly correct for ONE car...
- You can make a set that is relatively correct for a number of cars...
- You can put together a herald and some letters/numbers and call it a decal

...and if you really want to find the 'howlers';
Get out your magnifying glass and read the re-weigh data and other fine print (if it exists) on your pad-printed RTR cars!!!

Richard Brennan - TT-west

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