Atlas 50' Postwar AAR Box Cars

Ed Hawkins

STMFC Members,
Recent discussion on the STMFC has included postwar AAR 50’ box cars having a straight side sill reinforcement extending end to end for connecting the bolsters, crossbearers, and crossties.

An original Branchline Trains model that was appropriate for NYC having the side sill reinforcement extending from bolster to bolster was also used incorrectly for box car models of the following railroads having 8’ door openings, diagonal panel roof, riveted sides with 16 side sheets (8 on each side of the door), and Improved Dreadnaught ends of two variants built in 1950-1954 or 1955 & later. 

Erie 63000-63199, 200 cars, built Erie-Dunmore ca. 3-54 (various series re# 1954-1956)
GAEX 100000-112009, 339 cars built GATC late 1950, leased to various railroads
NP 31000-31499, 500 cars built NP-Brainerd ca. 9-50
NP 1100-1295, former 31000-31499 196 re# cars ca. 1954-1957, DF, painted green
T&P 71800-71859, 60 cars built T&P-Marshall 4-56, plus 31 additional cars 74134-74172 (not inclusive)

Other similar cars came having a straight side sill reinforcement came with Z-U diagonal panel roofs.

C&S 900-924, 25 cars built CB&Q-Havelock in 8-58
CB&Q 23000-23099, 100 cars built CB&Q-Havelock ca. 9-55

Models offered to date can be modified by filling in 4 notches (2 per side), however, that requires matching paint on painted models.

Several years ago Atlas was contacted with a proposal for tooling a pair of truly straight end-to-end side sill reinforcement inserts that would be correct for the above cars (i.e., without any notches). At the time Atlas contacted their Chinese supplier as to the cost of the tooling & indicated the cost would be minimal. However, to date, the tooling has not been produced. It’s apparent that Atlas might need some additional encouragement from STMFC modelers. 

In addition to the above-mentioned as-built cars, there would also be a number of repaints to include some beyond the scope of the STMFC.

Modelers interested in supporting Atlas to produce RTR models having the full-length side sill reinforcement should contact Atlas by completing a request at

Ed Hawkins

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