Re: Tamiya Flat Clear TS-80 spray can

Ken Adams

One good thing from this discussion, I will be exploring Spruebrothers as another option for tools and paints. 

We may not realize how much we have in common with the military/aircraft model hobbies. 

I am still a big Tamiya fan as apartment/condo style living does not allow for air brushing and temporary (when the wind is right) set ups for an air brush on the balcony have not worked for me.  Fine nozzles, close up spraying and a cut up cardboard box wind break have become an option that works. Then again I just used the old standby "Future" for gloss surface for decal application and Tamiya clear matte for the subsequent flat overcoat.

Ken Adams

Modeling SP Early 1950's in the Walnut Creak...

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