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James E. Lane’s original work in the Railway and Locomotive Historical Society’s “Railroad History, No. 128” published Spring 1973 notes the EP&SW USRA coal gondolas were built by Standard Steel Car Company. The 250 cars were numbered 11251-11500.


USRA freight car assignment details can be found on this resource page.



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The Southern document does look very much like what is in the 1919 CBC drawing but in much better and more legible detail. 

Sounds like it really depends on the builder and road - and unfortunately, I haven't found any info on who built the El Paso & Southwestern gons yet. 
This gives me a good place to start though, between the drawing and the opposite side detail photos that David linked to. 

Bob, I'd love to get some of those drawings so I can detail the doors once they are available.

Thanks all! 

Brian Stokes

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