Re: Speaking of decals

Craig Wilson

Bob Schleicher (Model Ralroading/RailModel Journal) was very fond of a photo of the prototype DT&I car with a load of Ford tractors and used it often for his "Wish List" articles.  One day I got a Walthers flier that had a drawing of a WIKING tractor that looked an awful like those same tractors.  I went online to order them but found that they were "out of stock - backorder."  Normally I don't play that game but since I needed 10 for the load and this was my chance to save some money on them, I bit the bullet and submitted the order.  It took a few months to get them but they finally showed up.

These were undecorated gray models and easily disassembled so that I could paint them red/gray/black.  I mounted them on a 70-ton flatcar kitbashed from two Athearn models (the top car in the photo).  What I didn't know at the time, the Wiking models are actually Ferguson tractors, not Fords.  The only real difference is that the exhaust pipe on the Canadian-built Fergusons is mounted vertically, while on the Fords it runs horizontally along the frame.  Other than I knew that when I took the model to an RPM meet I'd hear "You know those are Fergusons, not Fords" the real problem was that those delicate exhaust pipes broke off every time I handled the car.  When Intermountain came out with their 70-ton flatcar I decided to redo the load.  I modified the tractors by moving the exhaust pipes along the frame thus solving both problems.

Even by getting a "sale price" on the Wiking tractors, it was a pretty expensive load (I used to refer to the original version as my "$90 load on a $10 flatcar") but I was only making one of them.

Craig Wilson

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