Re: Speaking of decals

Donald B. Valentine

   Well, I'm not going to post a color photo of me sitting with my father on the new Ford 8N bought in the
spring of 1949 but the tractors on the DT&I flat posted earlier looked a lot more like the succeeding Ford
"Jubilee" model than an 8N. I looked for an 8N myself in late 1978 and ended up buying a Massey-Ferguson
35 Deluxe instead. Ten years newer, oversize tires and rims and, more importantly, a dual range transmission
with Multi-Drive AND a live power take-off, which was the major drawback of an 8N, all for less than any 
reasonable 8N could be found. The 8N seems to have developed a bunch of cult worshipers and I wanted 
a working tractor! Still have the Massey-Ferguson and have never regretted purchasing it even though I'd 
rather have had one with a Perkins Diesel than the Continental gas motor. IIRC the Ferguson that first 
competed with Ford after the Harry & Henry team split was a TO-30 and the paint was a bit darker gray 
than what was used on the Fords. Have just spoken with my childhood neighbor whose parents were
partners with my parents on a corn harvester and who at 83 has a few years on me and he has confirmed
my memory of the model and color difference between the Ford and the Ferguson in those early years. He 
has also reminded me that either could be had with the exhaust beneath the left-hand running board or in a 
vertical position. The only piece of farm machinery I can think of that the position beneath the running board 
might interfere with is a belly mounted mower, my preferred type of sickle bar mower.

Just an old hayshaker, Don Valentine

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