Re: MDC heavy duty trucks

Benjamin Hom

Don Valentine wrote:
"Three bay MDC hoppers for the B&LE sounds about right to me, Richard.  Some of them were purchased 2nd hand by the B&M and they all had trucks with double clasp brakes. Can't help but wonder who else  have used such cars to warrant the expense of tooling
for those trucks for what appears to be a very limited usage."

As noted earlier, the trucks in question were tooled by MDC for their SP ore gons.  The MDC offset triple is a pretty terrible model of an early offset triple with stepped taper.  It has an odd fishbelly side sill and hoppers that are too shallow in profile, leading to a pretty goofy appearance.  I hate the MDC triple hoppers and the fact that they keep popping up on the market with a passion - in a just world, the tooling would have blown up years ago.  Instead, Athearn chose to put lipstick on a pig by upgrading these models with separate grabs.

As for the B&LE 90-ton offset triples, there has been an accurate model available for these for decades - the Ulrich offset triple.

Ben Hom

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