Re: Boxcar Interior Door Color

John Larkin

This is the type of issue that really points out how unaware we can be of our surroundings.  I've been around railroads since the Roman days and inside boxcars numerous times and I never paid attention to the inside of the doors...  It does make sense though that they were very likely painted if no other reason than to prevent corrosion and to present a more favorable look to shippers.

Good idea to paint the floors a wood color. 

John Larkin

On Thursday, April 16, 2020, 8:59:37 PM CDT, Todd Sullivan via <sullivant41@...> wrote:

When I was clerking in Portland in 1961-62, all the un-insulated boxcar doors I saw were painted on the inside the same color as the car's exterior.  RBLs (insulated boxcars) had plug doors that were insulated and lined with wood.

On some Intermountain, Kadee and Branchline boxcars with sliding doors that I built, I have painted the interior of the sides to look like wood or plywood, and the floors a dirtier similar color.  The interiors are visible with the doors open.

Todd Sullivan

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