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The narrow front axle arrangement were called “row crop” axles.  The wider axles were just wide axles according to the John Deere service rep in this area.




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Hi Bus,


   I suspect the distance between the front wheels had a major effect on how tractors were loaded.

Are you refering to those with a tricycle wheel arrangement or wide front ends? In 1952 Phil Hastings

took a series of photos of the Boston & Mane's Claremont (NH) Branch local behind 2-6-0 #1490 from

Contoocook to the northwest side of Warner with the train having a flatcar load of Farmall tractors. 

They look like "M" series tractors to me but it's difficult to tell. They have narrow front ends and appear

to be loaded at a slight angle with three facing one direction and three the other. Needless to state, the

larger rear wheels are opposite the narrow front ends of those facing the other way on a 40 ft. flatcar.

How Deere John loaded their two cycle "Johnny Poppers" may have varied but at least John Deere

and the other company founded by a Vermont, J.I. Case, are still with us. A lot of other good makers

of tractor are long gone, David Brown, Oliver and Massey-Ferguson being the three I miss.


Cordially, Don Valentine


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