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Don and Dave,

I suspect that these items are too low-value to list, and are also more like impulse items. I have two identical pieces I picked up at TS a few years back, and I think they are still being offered.

The Tractor Supply pieces are die cast Ertl (or there successor) toys from bins near the front of their stores. The tractors in question are probably very small garden tractors in 1:64, but are about the same size as most HO scale models. From the features like the grill, red color, and some VERY tiny graphics above the motor , I think they represent a small Farmall. The two I own have wide front axles, and the body is offset to the left (from the driver's position), while the seat and steering wheel are on the right side of the body. Detail is pretty good, except for a solid steering wheel and a big loop "hitch" for matching attachments. For background use, they are fine, but I wouldn't put them up front on my layout (well, it's all up front in a way, being only 18" deep!). If you want something better for front of the layout use, go with the red version of the Lifelike/Walthers piece we've been discussing.

A few years ago Hallmark had a neat line of annual classic tractor Christmas ornaments. The models were generally the wrong color, and some features were clunky (including a little loop to hang them from the tree), but they were approximately HO scale and represented some really neat tractors that nobody ever offered as scale models, including a Minneapolis-Moline and a couple of others with lugged wheels I can't quite identify. I picked up half a dozen different types before the line was discontinued (I think there at least a dozen). You can probably still find these on eBay, and there are some resellers who vend discontinued Hallmark ornaments at antique malls. Hallmark was featuring a line of classic autos just before all the stores in our area all went under. The only one I scored was a 1950s Austin Healey or a Triumph sports car. Nice little auto with acceptable detail, and not one you will often see on a layout.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff  🦆

On Sat, Apr 18, 2020 at 10:14 AM Donald B. Valentine via <> wrote:
Hi Dave,

    Sorry but I don't have a link to anything from Tractor Supply. The two of their stores 
I've been in have always had a display case fairly close to the checkout counter in 
which I first found such things while waiting to check out myself. Many real farm
supply stores have such things and often have usable sized animals or farm 
implements as well. The best thing I can suggest is to stop at any you see just to check.
what they might have. I've also seen such things in Aubuchon Hardware stores in New 

Cordially, Don Valentine

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