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Mont Switzer

Many years ago I learned a hard lesson about baking brass models.  In conjunction with that lesson I also got to learn how to re-assemble some brass models.  After that I still used Mrs. Switzer's oven, but I went about it differently.  I now use the following steps:

1. preheat the oven to 150 degrees (I'm not disagreeing with 185 degrees)
2. when the light indicates the oven is at 150 degrees (pre-heat completed) turn it off
3. insert models
4. allow oven to cool and remove models 

The bad experience I had may have been a defect in the oven, but I'm not going to find out a second time.  I had placed the models in the oven and set it to pre-heat to 150 degrees.  It appears that during the pre-heating process the oven went well above 150 to bring the oven to the desired temperature.  That temperature was high enough to melt solder.

Mont Switzer

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Soak in lacquer thinner for a couple of hours to remove whatever is on the model.

Run twice in the ultrasonic cleaner, let dry

Spray, from rattle can, Rust-Oleum Primer, SELF ETCHING PRIMER, let dry

Spray with airbrush color of choice.

Bake 1 hour in oven at 185 degrees, leave in oven until cool.

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