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John Barry

Very interesting.  GAPX is not listed as a registered reporting mark in either the Jan or Apr 43 nor the Oct 44 ORER.

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As usual, very interesting! 

Just a few photos up from SHPX 17520 is this Carnegie Steel Slab Cooling Car, lettered for the War Department Ordnance:

SHPX 1750 is a "classic" USG-A that could be modeled from a Tichy tank and IM type 27 under frame.

USQX 11200 shows have the USG-A cars  for USQX had a GATC-style frame (built by AC&F) and an AC&F tank.

NdeM 4305 presents an interesting issue. It too is a "classic" USG-A, except that it has a horizontal shaft hand brake. When I looked at the photo I wondered why we (the USA) were building cars for Mexico, when we were desperately short ourselves. In a post in 2008, ( #72832) Richard Hendrickson indicates that the War Production Board apparently had the same question and at least some of the NdeM cars were redirected to SHPX. This may in fact be one of those cars, and it would actually not have left Milton in this paint....

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After taking a break for a year or so, some early-1940s AC&F builder's
photos have been added to the Flickr page, including several USG-A
4-course tanks.

SHPX 17520:

USQX 11200 :

NdeM 45305:

David Thompson

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