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O Fenton Wells

Great blog Lester, I too have on of those to build and your blog will be a great help.  I built the 3 dome Dupont car and made many mistakes.  To this day somewhere under my desk(workbench) or in the ethereal space continuum are 3 of the brass end steps.  I never found them.

On Sun, Apr 19, 2020 at 12:26 PM Lester Breuer <rforailroad@...> wrote:

After putting off the build of Southern Car & Foundry GATX two dome tank car, I finally build it.  I ended up lettering it GATX 810.  If you are interested in the build of this tank car including addition of parts not in the kit and handrails using a method not in the kit instructions, photos and writeup of the build process including paint and weathering are now available on my blog I have to share photos and writeup of modeling projects on my Minneapolis & Northland Railroad Company.   If you would like to take a look please do at the following link:


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