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Gatwood, Elden J SAD

Here’s another PRR diagonal loader, the ex-PRR (now CR) G36H.


Also, one of my favorites, the PRR’s F25E.  To get every inch out of this well car, they removed the original floor supports and flooring, and replaced them with steel plates supported by brackets riveted to the bottom of the sides.  A truly unique car.


Elden Gatwood


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If you were shipping it on the ERIE, you’d have a chance, but even so that’s pretty wide.


The ERIE was originally built to 6’-0” gauge, so the clearances were set early on very wide.  Throughout it’s history, it was well known for being able to handle oversize shipments.


But typically, on most roads, I’d say that could only go as a very special movement.




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Hi All,

I have an item I would like to make into a load for a HO 40' flat car.  The item measures out to 14' (HO Scale) width and the flat car deck is at 9' width.  Would that be allowable or is the item too wide for this flat car.


Randy Williamson

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