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Douglas Harding

The message arrived in my inbox yesterday afternoon at 1:30pm, though it was sent on April 4th when the list were having a discussion about the rerelease of the Rapido meat reefer I assumed Steve would have a more informed answer than I about the Swift reefer, and I was getting ready for this morning.


I’ve been having this type a problem for some time. Apparently my Internet provider or my email provider sees messages as spam and delays them.


As for the Swift cars in question, the only photos I have of 3300 series car I got from Steve, so not much help.


Doug  Harding




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Hello Steve,


I am in a similar situation from time to time, as it was the case with exactly that Email. I got it yesterday. Please have a look at the exact date: -it has been sent FIFTEEN DAYS ago! But I got it yesterday...


Best regards



Modeling the early post-war years up to about 1953


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I am currently getting my emails with a delay of 12 or more hours.  This one wasn't received here until 3:04 AM today.


By 1950 in the ORER, the 3300 series reefers extend from 3300 - 5199 with 1602 cars, in total.  But known photos show that they were not all alike in appearance.  There were more than a few 4 hinge doors in this range and some had inset by tabbed side sills.  Many looked like Sunshine resin kit 24.x, if you can find one.


Steve Hile




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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Swift 3300



In light of the recent discussion about the Swift 2500 series reefer that will be released by Rapido, I was wondering if anyone had ever kitbashed or produced a 3300-series reefer. This series seems to comprise the most-numerous wood Swift reefer. 

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