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Mont Switzer

Yellow boxcars:  Muncie and Western RR (MWR) had a couple of hundred Mather boxcars painted yellow and THE BALL LINE slogan on the sides, Ball canning jar on the doors.  Around 1958 they went to cars similar to USRA rebuilds, some with 8 panel steel sides, some with 10 panels.  These cars were painted yellow also, but they avoided painting the canning jar on the corrugated doors.


MWR cars ran all over the country delivering canning jars to distributors.  They are well photographed because of their color.




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   But I think Dave may be correct as well,Bill.I seem to remember a Mainline Models kit for the C&IM car 

only it was a model of a 40 ft. car and not very acceptable as an accurate Mather car. But you are correct,

of course, in that they were yellow and they had a diamond herald on their doors. The C&IM cars are the 

only freight cars I can recall that were yellow except the MKT and TH&B cars.


My best, Don Valentine

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