SOLD: NP D&RGW CNW SLSW P2K AAR 50 ton flat cars HO

Andy Carlson

The flat cars have been sold. Thanks,
-Andy Carlson   Ojai CA

I have the following new, in unopened and undisturbed packaging, HO Proto 2000 AAR 50-ton flat car kits.

Offered for sale as a single lot of 5 cars purchased together. Free shipping.

1) Northern Pacific NP 62007; P2K # 21930   
2) Northern Pacific NP 62275; P2K # 21931  
3)Denver & Rio Grande Western DRGW 22002; P2K 21921  
4) Chicago & North Western CNW #46195; P2K 21915        
5) StLouisSouthwestern SLSW # 85006; P2K # 21942   

Get all 5 cars for the single price of $93 includes shipping to the US.

Thanks,    Andy Carlson   Ojai CA

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