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And of course there was the issue of the hot sun “warming” the seats on farm tractors without cabs.  According to a book I read this is why John Deere wen to the yellow seats; they absorbed less heat.  Flipping a Farmall seat over would take it out of the direct sun and make the covering more bearable when in use.


Before metal cabs you could buy a huge umbrella for you tractor.  Helped with the blistering sun.  They material faded out fast.


Before metal cabs farmers installed canvas winter fronts on their tractors so all of the engine heat was routed back to the driver.  It kept the front of your body warmer, buy your back will still as exposed as ever.


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Tim actually the seats on the Farmalls were on a hinge, so they could be tipped backwards. I believe this prevented rain from puddling in the seat covering. The seat cover was canvas. Color varied through the years, black, silver, and later red and silver. It was a metal seat with holes, for ventilation as well as drainage.



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The Alton was still under the control of the B&O in those days

And yes, the seats must all be removed and installed upside down!!

The PROTOTYPE POLICE will be by to inspect your work. :-D:-P

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Don’t forget to look at the STEAM ERA FREIGHT CARS in the background.  I don’t recall seeing an ALTON car very often.  First fully shown car to the left.  Any commentary about that car from the learned among us?


WRT the seats being tipped backwards . . . protecting the cushioned side from rain?  Not very effective if so but better than letting the depressed seats fill with water . . .



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Great photo. Thanks. Did everyone notice the position of the seats? Will you all be tearing apart your models to remount the seats per this photo?  😢


Yours Aye,



Garth Groff  🦆


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Here shot on the delivery end. Bloomington Il, Alton Depot. 8/7/1944 Illinois Digital Archives, Pantagraph Collection.

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