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Spen Kellogg

Another quiz
From: Schuyler Larrabee
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2020 20:08:17 PDT

As I reorganize (who am I kidding, organize for the first time) the hundreds of parts I’ve accumulated since about 1977, I find some things I just don’t recognize.

I mean, I recognize that the part in the attachment is brake gear, but I don’t recognize the maker or specifically what these parts are for.  The two levers are cast in one piece, with a short distance between them, which makes me think they are intended for, perhaps, a tender?  Or are these passenger car parts?

 Pretty nice detail to them, but what are they for??  For some reason, I have a half-dozen of these.


The casting is part of a Cal Scale set of four castings for a Westinghouse UC brake set. I think the part # was 190-273 although I am not able to confirm it. However, the same set of castings is still available in styrene plastic under the number #190-300 (#AB-300 is Cal Scale's number). The quality of the plastic castings appears to be better than the brass one you have. Other castings include a bracket to hold the brake cylinder and lever assembly, the service and auxiliary reservoirs, and the emergency reservoir.

Spen Kellogg

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