Re: Help with decals

Todd Sullivan

Hi Chuck,

I recently built a 3D printed Utah Coal Route gondola, and had the same problem with half the decal pieces I put on the model.  The 3D printing of the model leaves small striations in the surface, which were still evident after painting with rattle can Tamiya Semi-Gloss Black.  The decals definitely do not like that kind of surface!  The silvering is caused by air underneath the decal film, so we need to let the air out.  I am still working on getting all of them to adhere well, and I am using the technique suggested by Pierre: poke and/or score the decal with the tip of a very sharp hobby knife (Xacto #11 blade), then put decal setting solution (Walthers Solvaset in my case) on top and around the edges of the decal.  It takes multiple applications of the setting solution to get the decals to settle down, and you have to watch for the silvering underneath throughout the process.  Persistence does pay off! 

I hope this helps, and good luck with getting the air out!

Todd Sullivan

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