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Tim O'Connor


I find that I can pick up tiny decals with a fine, wet paintbrush, and transfer
them to the car with that - they slide smoothy off the wet brush

With older decals, and TINY bits, I often pre-treat them with Microscale liquid decal film.
I've not had problems making the film 'disappear'

No one has mentioned
RUNNING colors. I have had dark colors of large decals (like
giant UNION PACIFIC letters) actually RUN while the decal is wet! Quick, grab the paper
towels and Q-Tips and soak it up!!

So be prepared ! :-D

On 4/21/2020 3:51 PM, Todd Sullivan via wrote:
Tim's advice is good - thanks, Tim for adding more details and tips.

I keep finding that, with today's ever-thinner decals, I cannot reliably slide the decal off in the water and pick it up with tweezers and lay it on the model.  The darned decals always curl under, and no amount of prodding gets them to 'unfold'.  So, I pick up the decal and its backing paper and put them in a small pool of water on the car side, then gently prod and pull the decal off the backing.  Of course, this lets in demon backing paper 'dust' which I can rarely spot until the decal has dried.  I've tried flowing more water over the car surface to wash away such detritus before adding setting fluid, which helps.  Guess I need to try harder.

Todd Sullivan

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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