My Yahoo Account

Schleigh Mike

Hello Friends!


I have had a problem with my Yahoo account and thought I might terminate it to deal with the issue.  It has been hacked and an extortionist is looking for money.  It is serious enough that I have contacted the local police and FBI.  I trust this will not cause any problems for any of you.  If so, I am very sorry for this.  Please accept my apology in advance.  Some of you may know my alternative email so contact me there or phone or write via USPS if you wish. 

Please, for the time being do not use my Yahoo address.


If you find anything suspicious from me, please delete it.


It has been a pleasure being here with you.   I hope we can catch up somewhere in the near term but for now, I will be quiet.


I have taken some protective steps but, if these fail, I will likely terminate.


Kind regards----Mike Schleigh

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