Re: Photo: PRR Boxcar

Tim O'Connor

Anyone recognize the car with the dark murphy end (black?) and light colored side
that the PRR X26 is coupled to? It could be a USRA double sheathed rebuild.

Tim O'

On 4/23/2020 6:39 AM, Bill Welch wrote:
This photo is from a collection of about 120 photos made in the Wash. DC area in the postwar period, and owned by a person in the DC area. In the early 1990's I wrote the late Richard Hendrickson about collecting photos and in addition to the Ernest Stefan and Harold "Dusty" Miller collections at the NMRA this collection was on his suggestion list. There were other collections to of course but these have always stood out as wonderful resources.

I think the photos were made by Charles Wales. I bought the entire list of 4x5 prints and in theory they are still available. The NMRA has gone "Dark" regarding the Miller and Stafan Collection and NMRA members seem uninterested. 

Bill Welch

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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