Re: Evemodel HO flat cars

Richard Townsend

These cars appear to be improved versions of the old AHM/Tyco/Model Power 50' flats (not 52'6"). Same side configuration, same number of stake pockets, same length. Detail on the sides seems to be somewhat better, and there are endsills and buffers, which were lacking on the old model. That is a vast improvement. The underframe and brake system are completely different and IMHO somewhat imaginary, though maybe there are Chinese or other cars with brake systems like that.. 

The Roco cars Tony refers to are longer. They essentially are stretched versions of the 50" (not 52'6") flats. The Roco flats are good starting points for the US Army 6-axle flats, as Tony has pointed out elsewhere. The 50' flats have no prototype that I am aware of. 

So my bottom line, at least for now, is they are better versions of a car with no prototype.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

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